Sponsorship & Advertisement

Reach your Audience
If you have a product, service or an event and would like to reach a targeted steampunk audience we can arrange to show (also create, for a small fee) an advert in our 'Ads Reel' (Limited slots).

The advert will be shown throughout screenings over the entire weekend.

The cost of an advert is 20 pounds per 10 seconds.

We are also looking for partners for the Audience Award to donate to the prize fund.

All monies raised, will go to the film festival fund, creating a better experience for the audience and the towards the first Audience Award prize.

If you are interested in partnering with us please email

Here's the links to some our sponsorship and advertising partners in 2012...

Leeds Steampunk Market  Facebook Page

Please click here for a sample of a Inter-Titles Advert for L.S.M